Wednesday, May 14, 2008

we all went crazy because of the hot.Baby Avelle had a bad hair day.Ruba got squished. Evan is smiley. Ameen is posing. Tonja wants a kiss. Gwen is happy. Jess is smug!


We have a crazy blue time together.
Today we went to the park and we played with water balloons & water guns. Today was very very very hot.we got soaked. Also got to get dry in the blue sea.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Lisa's /EVan's/ JESSICA

Lisa is the best. Evan is the coolest. Jessica is cute and awesome . Lisa is the best in mat and they all are with her and they h ave FUN .

ameen rabiya

Monday, March 3, 2008

In March
the wind
blows down
the door
and spills
my soup
upon the floor
it laps it up and
roars for more
blowing once
blowing twice
soup and
-Ameen, Rabiya

MAT is the best,
and it always will be.
Lisa, Jessica, and Evan
are the best of all.
Join MAT now.
Let your kids join
- Marjorie, Rabiya and Ekaylah

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Greetings world wide web from the kids at MAT!

This blog is an experiment in communication for the students at MAT (Motivational Achievements Together). MAT is a group of students in San Francisco who all live on the same block courtesy of Mercy Housing. We gather after school to play at Draves Park, eat a healthy snack, and complete our daily school assignments. After our responsibilities are complete Lisa and Evan brainstorm enrichment activities for us. Entering the world of blogging is one of them! This blog will be run by the students at MAT (with the exception of this post by Evan) for other students, teachers, and maybe even our parents:) Enjoy as we embark on a mission to share our stories of success!